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how to write a competency-based resume

When writing a resume, you should always include information that is relevant to the job description. Depending on your career objective, this means that you may need more than one resume. Rest assured you aren't the only job seeker in that same situation. Resumes are always a work in progress, and you'll have to tweak your resume "here and there" to ensure that you land the interview.

tailor your resume

Make use of the information the job description has to offer, and use it to your advantage. Let’s take a look at a mini-job description and how you can use it:

Sales Representative with a "go-getter" approach to finding new business. Ability to build a strong network within a short period of time, and turn the network into a strong referral resource.

You can leverage the job description statement “build a strong network” to this competency-based statement: Doubled new business with 6 months by cultivating partnerships and alliances. And “strong referral resource” into Repeat referral business winner - penetrated market through persuasive communication skills.

The key is to hone in on the core competencies written in the job description, and compliment it by writing an accomplishment-based sentence in the resume. 

When you don’t have access to comprehensive job descriptions, you can rely on general competencies that employers seek, including analytical, customer service, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork skills. 


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