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The construction field as many career opportunities from safety to engineering to sales. For the sake of illustration, I’ll focus on project management and onsite construction.

  • Lead a team of contractors and employees through effective time management and organizational skills to ensure projects are met are on time and within specifications.
  • Execute the established project objectives, overseeing timeline, quality assurance plans, and safety procedures.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, serving as a liaison; review client objectives, change orders, and contract terms.
  • Mitigate overrun costs and delays while accommodating necessary changes to the project; deliver scope of changes in written form to stakeholders.

In essence, a construction resume relies, for the most part, on the following skills, knowledge, and abilities: planning and conceptualizing, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, and ensuring compliance with zoning laws. The construction resume sample below was written for a client who had great success in capturing interviews. Email me to learn about my resume service and my qualifications as an online resume writer. 


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Construction Resume Sample