Career Planning Helps You Narrow Down Career Choices

Career planning is much more than partnering with clients to discover what they want to be “when they grow up.” Effective career planning begins with thought-provoking assessments that help career changers identify viable career choices—that is, realistic choices that take into account one’s career values and transferable and marketable skills.

Where is your career heading?
Are you in the same place you were last week? Last month? Last year?
Then what’s the holdup?

Career Planning “aha” moments don’t always come as easily as we’d like. Sometimes it takes the guidance of a coach with a proven career-planning program to help narrow down career choices. This is where we come in. With your motivation and desire to move your career to a different level combined and with our comprehensive career planning knowledge and assessments, we will find a career path that is rewarding.

Value of Career Coaching

“So, what do you do [for a living]?” This is a question that comes up time and after time in professional as well as social settings. If you are dissatisfied with your present career choice, you can’t help but provide an unenthusiastic response when presented with that question. Because what we do from 9 to 5 influences who we are and how we are perceived by others, it is important to participate in a career planning program that hones in on the factors that drive you both professionally and personally.

What often occurs is that a career changer attempts to make a switch without proper career planning, which usually results in a poor career choice. Don’t let this happen to you. Career coaching can serve as a catalyst to jump-start a stalled career or job search by helping you hone in on career choices that fit your life values.

So What Exactly Is a Career Coach?

A coach is not a boss, guru, or fortune teller. However, the modern career coach does perform many roles, including:  

  • Career Coaching Role #1: Assessor – assesses attributes, skills, and the current work situation and provides feedback
  • Career Coaching Role #2: Information provider – supplies ideas and information on options, resources, and potential barriers for the client to consider
  • Career Coaching Role #3: Guide – suggests courses of action and provides feedback during the entire process on what is working and what isn’t
  • Career Coaching Role #4: Tutor – teaches the client techniques and information to make career changes, job searches, and career planning as effective as possible

How Career Planning Works

Gain the insight you need to make the career choices that will improve your level of satisfaction with your career and your life. With our career planning program you will receive the following:

  • Career Planning Benefit #1: Thorough Intake Process – A solid career-coaching relationship begins with an exploration of your career values, career history, strengths, and successes. This will set the foundation for the career coaching sessions.
  • Career Planning Benefit #2: Career Planning Insights™ Assessment. Get a snapshot of your behavioral style, ideal working environment, potential career choices, and more in this 25-page report.

  • Career Planning Benefit #3: Fieldwork. Working one-on-one with your career coach is complemented with assignments that build on the telecoaching sessions.
  • Career Planning Benefit #4: Strategic Planning. Nail down your career choices and develop action steps that strengthen and clarify your career plan.
  • Career Planning Benefit #5: Proactive Coaching. You receive the benefit of a career coach who is qualified and who has helped many clients find the career choice that was best for them.



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